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I’m not broken, I just need to be fixed! Our 24-hour service: Emergency Repair Service, just call anytime.

Who We Are? Facing problems with your electronics?

Want to give your home or appliances a new look? Why Anxiety Here we are. We who? Appliance repair and servicing specialist Repairing Service is pleased to provide its services in your city. Give us a call to receive individualised care that you won’t find anywhere else. Our skilled and qualified technician will spend some time learning about the state of your appliance before repairing it for the most affordable price.

Washing machine

Repairing Service Centre in the market, fixes a wide exhibit of Top Loading Washing Machine /Laundry Machines and Dryer.

Microwave Oven

A microwave is a genuinely necessary comfort when you require food which needs to be heated quickly & consumed.


Master Refrigerator Repair We’re in your neighborhood and we’ll fix it, regardless of where you got it.

AC Repair

We rank among Mumbai's top professionals in the field of ac repair. A crucial aspect of our daily lives has changed as a result of air conditioners.

Cloth Drayer

A dryer is a typical home machine and in some cases it might need to fix. Dryers can rapidly dry garments, making them a significant machine in your home.


We are master in Dish Washer Repairing in Eagle Service Centre. Our service cost the least contrasted with the other repair services.


We frequently offer services equivalent to a full day. All service appointments are scheduled to take place within a small time window so that you won’t have to wait around all day. To ensure that you are never in the dark, our technicians will call you before coming to the scene.


On Point Service Company offers same-day meetings with our effective fix services that are readily available if necessary.


In the industry, our technicians are arguably the best. Our certified technicians can handle even the most dangerous appliance issues thanks to their years of experience and training in appliance repair.


Our highly skilled technicians have extensive field experience, so we are familiar with every company’s model and brand all day, every day.

Experience Quality Air Conditioning Service in India

Any brand's air conditioner is subjected to usual wear and tear and needs routine maintenance to perform properly.

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The time has come to bring back your air conditioner into function, and for this, you need the best AC service centre support.

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