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15 Different Dates (Khajoor) That Are Good For You

Different Types of Dates Fruit

Dates (khajoor) are a sweet, chewy, and nutritious fruit that is a staple cuisine in many Middle Eastern countries. Natural sweeteners used in smoothies, shakes, nutritional bars, bakery products, and other products are consumed practically everywhere in the world. Dates are extremely helpful since they include numerous vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Furthermore, … Read more

Ramadan 2022 in the UAE: The most favoured dates among residents


Dates are popular throughout the Middle East, especially during Ramadan. In Islamic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended that people break their fast by eating dates. As a result, date sales have soared, particularly during Ramadan. We spoke with Ibrahim Abdul Rahman to learn more about the fruit. Ibrahim has been selling dates in the … Read more