Ramadan 2022 in the UAE: The most favoured dates among residents

Ramadan 2022 in the UAE: The most favoured dates among residents

Dates are popular throughout the Middle East, especially during Ramadan. In Islamic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommended that people break their fast by eating dates. As a result, date sales have soared, particularly during Ramadan.

We spoke with Ibrahim Abdul Rahman to learn more about the fruit. Ibrahim has been selling dates in the Sharjah Jubail market for over 32 years and is regarded as the ‘Arbaab’ of dates. Dates are grown in about 1500 different types all over the world. We inquired as to which of them is the most popular in the United Arab Emirates.

Ajwa: Ajwa is the most popular date, grown exclusively in Madina. Ajwa dates, which cost between Dh35 and Dh75 per kilogramme, are thought to have numerous therapeutic benefits. These dates are dark brown in colour and contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. According to Ibrahim, doctors have advised some customers to extract the Ajwa date pits, dry them, powder them, and consume them to lower their risk of heart disease. These dates are also thought to contain trace nutrients, help with constipation, and improve heart health.

Sukkari: Sukkari dates, another Saudi Arabian date type, are recognised for their highly sweet taste and golden outer crust. Sukkari dates are one of the cheapest kind of dates, costing around Dh15 per kilogramme. It’s also one of the most popular types for giving. Because of their high moisture content, these dates are frequently employed as a sugar and sugar-like substance alternative in a variety of delicacies.

Mejdoul: The Mejdoul is one of the most well-known date kinds, with its bigger, dark brown look and chewy texture. The Mejdoul, which originated in Morocco, is now grown in numerous countries throughout the world, including the United States and the Middle East. The majority of the Mejdoul sold in the UAE is grown in Palestine. This kind, which costs between Dh20 and Dh50, offers a long list of health benefits. Its high fibre content is thought to help digestion and lessen the risk of heart disease. With high potassium and Vitamin B concentrations, the Mejdool is touted to improve metabolism and relieve weariness.

Mabroom: The Mabroom date is similar in texture and taste to the Ajwa date and is grown in Saudi Arabia, primarily in the city of Madinah. The Mabroom is distinguished by its somewhat reddish hue. The Mabroom is slightly firmer than other dates, with prices ranging from Dh25 to Dh45. They have a mild, sweet, and smooth flavour that is less sweet than other varieties of dates.

Safawi: The Safawi is a dark brown fruit with a dry outside texture and a wet, chewy inside centre. This date variety is grown in Al Madina, Saudi Arabia, and is frequently steeped in milk before consumption. The Safawi is a popular souvenir present among tourists who visit Saudi Arabia for the Haj and Umrah pilgrimages. It costs between Dh20 and Dh25. The Safawi is distinguished from other types by its bigger, oblong shape.