15 Different Dates (Khajoor) That Are Good For You

15 Different Dates (Khajoor) That Are Good For You

Dates (khajoor) are a sweet, chewy, and nutritious fruit that is a staple cuisine in many Middle Eastern countries. Natural sweeteners used in smoothies, shakes, nutritional bars, bakery products, and other products are consumed practically everywhere in the world. Dates are extremely helpful since they include numerous vitamins and minerals that promote good health. Furthermore, many different types of dates exist around the world, although most people are unaware of them. As a result, we’re bringing you on a tour today, where you’ll learn about the various dates and their differences.

Different Types of Dates Fruit

1. Medjool Dates

  • Size: Medjool dates are huge and have a fibrous texture.
  • Color: Also, it comes in a reddish-brown color.
  • Origins: Medjool dates are majorly cultivated in Morocco, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: They are soft and sweet. 

2. Omani

  • Size: Omani is one of the best varieties of dates which are generally large in size.
  • Color: Omani dates are dark brown in color.
  • Origin: As the name itself suggests that it originates from Oman, the Middle East.
  • Taste: These are juicy and sweet in taste.

3. Piarom Dates

  • Size: Piarom dates are long, thin, and oval, which count around 2 to 5 cm in size.
  • Color: Furthermore, they are semi-dried dates and have dark brown to black colored skin.
  • Origins: These are grown in the Persian Gulf and middle east areas.
  • Taste: Piarom has a unique sweet taste, which has some features of toffee and caramel.

4. Deglet Nour Dates

  • Size: Deglet Nour dates are medium-sized and narrow elongated oval shapes.
  • Color: Further, the color of these dates is dark golden brown.
  • Origins: Its origin is the oasis of Tolga and neighboring areas of Biskra & Oued Righ in Algeria.
  • Taste: Deglet dates are soft, meaty, and sweet.

5. Mazafati Dates

  • Size: Talking of different types of dates without mentioning mazafati is not so fair. These are sized from 2.5 to 4 cm.
  • Color: These have soft dark brown colored flesh. 
  • Origins: Moreover, mazafati dates originated from Bam, a city in Kerman, Iran.
  • Taste: It has a soft taste of caramel, brown sugar, and chocolate.

6. Barhi Dates

  • Size: Barhi dates are small, 2 to 3-4 cm in length and diameter, and have around to oval shape.
  • Color: Barhi dates are yellow in color.
  • Origins: Its origin lies in Iraq.  
  • Taste: Barhi is the sweetest and creamiest date, which also somewhat tastes like caramel, butterscotch, brown sugar, and syrup.

7. Thoory Dates

  • Size: Thoory dates are sized from medium to large and are oblong in shape. 
  • Color: Also, Thoory date is among the types of khajur which has typical golden brown flesh.
  • Origin: They are famous in Algeria.
  • Taste: These are pretty dry, semi-sweet, and have a peanut like nutty flavour. 
15 Different Dates (Khajoor) That Are Good For You

8. Ameri Dates

  • Size: The size of ameri dates ranges from 12-22 grams and with an oval and elongated shape.
  • Color: However, they are light to dark brown colored.
  • Origins: Ameri dates have their origins in Iraq.
  • Taste: These are moderate sweet.

9. Dayri Dates

  • Size: Dayri are the types of dates that are sized from medium to large and have soft and red skin. 
  • Color: When these dates ripen, its skin turns amber from red and turns golden brown after being stored in.
  • Origin: They are originated from Iraq. 
  • Taste: Dayri dates are soft, heavy, and sweet in taste.

10. Halawy Dates

  • Size: Moreover, Halawy is a small to medium date fruit whose flesh is delicate and pale.  
  • Color: It has golden-brown skin. 
  • Origins: Halawy dates come from Mesopotamia.
  • Taste: Also, they are delighting, soft, and caramel-honey-like in taste.

11. Khudri Dates

  • Size: Khudri is one of the dates varieties that have flakes in the skin. It comes in both small and large sizes.
  • Color: These are dark brown in color with not many wrinkles on them.
  • Origins: Khudri is cultivated in Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: These are moderately sweet, chewy, and not much dry dates.

12. Zahidi Dates

  • Size: Zahidi is also in our dates list which is medium-sized and oval in shape.
  • Color: Also, they have light brown skin with a thick, golden inner meat.
  • Origins: It was cultivated in Northern Iraq.
  • Taste: Also, they are nutty dates that quite tastes like peanut butter and some blend of dried apricots.

13. Safawi Dates

  • Size: Safawi dates are medium-size round in shape. 
  • Color: Safawi dates are dark black cherry in color with slight brown in them.
  • Origins: They grow in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: Safawi are sweeter than khudri dates.

14. Amber 

  • Size: Amber is the largest of all the famous Madinah dates.
  • Color: Moreover, these are amber-color.
  • Origins: Amber dates have their origins from the Madinah region of Saudi Arabia.
  • Taste: These are soft and fleshy dry dates.

15. Kalmi Dates

  • Size: Also, kalmi are one of the variants of Safawi dates. They are small and cylindrical in size. 
  • Color: Kalmi dates are black in color.
  • Origins: These types of khajoor are from Oman but cultivated in Madinah.
  • Taste: Also, they are of the usual date flavor with enriched sweetness.